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Many small and medium sized businesses use emails as primacy support channel. Unlike phone support, delivering support via email is less expensive and requires less time to setup.

Email based support is most helpful in technical or billing issues that require more time to research information or troubleshoot issues, however, it still is one of most popular support channels!

While Email handling may seem to only take a few minutes per customer, it can take up a lot of your daily routine and as your business grows, you may end only responding to your customers. For same reason, we have developed this service to ensure you focus on your business while we take care of your customers!

We have worked for startups, small and medium sized businesses as well as have handled sales, technical, billing and scheduling support with 24/7, Business hours, After Hours and Weekend Support 365 days a year!

DOS Sales Support

Sales Support:

We can help your customers with signup / purchase process as well as answer product or service questions. We can also work on ad-hoc basis and assist during times of high volume like product launch or running promotional campaigns.

DOS General Support

General Support:

We can work as first level support and handle all types of queries, for instance, user unable to login, problem with checkout, general product question, schedule availability for visit or current membership status and invoice etc.

DOS Technical Support

Technical Support

In addition to basic level support, we can assist with more technical products for instance, a SaaS application that allows businesses to manage their business accounts and inventory online, a WordPress plugin that requires troubleshooting (without involvement of programming) or an ERP system etc.

DOS Billing Support

Billing Support:

We can assist with advance level billing support including ensuring correct membership plan is selected, processing payments and refunds, managing PayPal or other payment accounts as well as doing regular internal audits etc.

DOS Tier 1 and 2 Support

Tier 1 and 2 Support:

We can provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 Email Support Services. Our team has first level and more experienced agents with better technical understanding. We can answer questions ranging from simple product or service queries to troubleshooting issues and trying to resolve with available options. This does not involve development level support, however, you may contact us to discuss your requirements.

Being in this business for over 5 years, we have worked for a variety of businesses, including:

Ecommerce Stores & Dropshipping Businesses

Vacation Rental Property Management Companies

SaaS Applications

Online Courses

Cleaning Services

Medical Offices

Mobile Apps

Telecommunication Services & MVNOs

Membership Sites

Features offered (response times, tier 1, etc)



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1. Can your team write proper English?

We can write flawless English without grammatical errors. Our email support services team is experienced and can professionally respond to your customers. We also ensure personalized level of support is offered to each customer responded.

2. How much is your team’s typing speed?

Our agents can type from 40 – 60 WPM with accuracy.

9. How soon can you begin?

We usually require 3 business days to ensure smooth transition of support operations however, we can also start on priority, as quick as in few hours. And no, we don’t charge extra for urgent onboarding!

3. What is your team’s education background

Most of our agents are graduates from renowned universities and few masters as well. In addition to regular education, they have done additional courses to coupe with latest industry standards.

4. Can your team think out of the box and take ownership?

Since we focus on customer satisfaction, we ensure agents take ownership of the issue and get it resolved for customer. We also ensure proper feedback is delivered to clients to resolve any inefficiencies.

5. Are you familiar with Zendesk or other helpdesk systems?

Yes, we have used Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, and few other support systems. We are also comfortable using Gmail, Roundcube or other interface.

6. Which CRMs have you used before?

We have used number of CRMs and Ecommerce systems including Magento, Shopify, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Odoo ERP, Salesforce and few others.

7. How many hours can your team work?

Our agents typically work 50 hours per week and as a team, we can work any number of hours you require. We can start with 10 hours a week and scale up to 500+ hours per week or even more.

8. Can you work in my timezone?

Yes, we can work in your timezone. Our setup currently operates 24/7 and we have no issues working during night or day hours.


Extremely satisfied, communication was open 24/7. Very helpful and friendly. What I loved most about these guys is they never made the same mistake twice! They learn extremely quick

We are working with them more than a year, and they are a great partner providing Livechat support when we are not available. Thanks to them we have 24h/7days per week of Livechat support in TimeCamp! Highly recommened for anyone starting with livechat support or wanting to get it to another level.

They are fast and on point. Their agents finish tasks accurately. Any feedback we have given to them was accepted with great attitude. So far, we have worked with them for 6 months. I would recommend them to anyone who needs support agents.

per month
For low volume upto 300 emails per month
Features include
24/7 coverage
Professional Writing
40 WPM Typing
Meeting SLA
FAQs Preparation
Prepare Canned Responses
10 emails daily
24 hr response time
per month
For volume upto 1000 emails per month
Features include
24/7 coverage
Features include
Professional Writing
Meeting SLA
FAQs Preparation
Prepare Canned Responses
30 emails daily
2 hrs response time
Dedicated Support
per hour
Dedicated agent(s) with quick response time and undivided attention
Features include
On Demand Hours
Professional Writing
40 WPM Typing
Meeting SLA
FAQs Preparation
Prepare Canned Responses
Unlimited Emails
Immediate responses


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